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City PR offers a range of investment introduction services. Established in early 2018 City PR’s goal is to ensure we source and introduce our clients to the most competitive and profitable investments opportunities.

City PR understands that both high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors expect a high level of due diligence for all potential investment introductions. Our team complete extensive due diligence for all investment opportunities and ensure investments are FCA regulated.

City PR offers a free consultation service; this ensures we are able to fully understand your requirements. Our team of consultants will then source the best investment opportunities and guide you through the process from start to end. All investment providers will send you promotional material directly which will detail the investment opportunity, the risks involved and the potential rewards for any investment you decide to complete.

 At City PR we aim to establish a profitable long lasting relationship with our clients. We understand trust is an important factor and communication is vital when making an investment decision. Our team of consultants have extensive knowledge of all investment opportunities so simply contact us today if you require assistance. City PR is not authorised or regulated by the FCA. City PR does not offer financial advice. All investments should be made with the full understanding of the risks and rewards as outlined in the relevant IM (Information Memorandum). You may seek qualified financial advice from regulated FCA financial advisors if required.

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