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At City PR our goal is to source suitable investment opportunities based on your requirements which we gather during our free consultation process. All investments which we introduce you to have potential risks. It is extremely important that you fully understand how the risks are managed by the investment providers.

What is an IM?

IM (Information Memorandum) is a document which is created by the investment provider. The IM contains detailed information about the investment opportunity, the risks involved and the rewards for potential investors. This document allows investors to make an informed decision before making an investment.

City PR is not authorised or regulated by the FCA. City PR does not offer financial advice. All investments should be made with the full understanding of the risks and rewards as outlined in the relevant IM (Information Memorandum). You may seek qualified financial advice from regulated FCA financial advisors if required.

City PR Consultation Service

City PR follows a strict FSMA (Financial Service Market Act 2000) compliant process.

The following is a step-by-step guide which must be followed by City PR, the investor and investment provider:

  • City PR will receive a request from a potential investor.
  • City PR will provide a free consultation service in order to fully understand the investors expected level of investment returns, allocated timeframes for investments and preferred investment sectors.
  1. The investor must qualify themselves by completing an online self certification document. There are three levels of self certification as outlined in the declaration section:
    • Sophisticated Investor
    • High Net Worth Individual
    • Restricted Investor
  2. The self certification document is forwarded to relevant investment providers where the investor has expressed an interest. The investment provider will then send investor their promotional marketing content documents directly, this will allow the investor to evaluate the investment opportunity and make an informed decision.
    • Some investments such as listed stocks or bonds may require for the investor to speak directly to a company director or setup a brokerage account in order to complete an investment.
  3. The investor can contact the investment provider directly when he /she is ready to complete an investment. City PR can also liaise with the investment provider on your behalf. Investment provider will have their own investment processing procedures and customer support departments. City PR consultants can also assist with any enquires an investor may have.

Potential investors should note that City PR is solely an investment introduction provider and the performance of any investment opportunities we introduce is not our responsibility. Investors should carefully read the IM (Information Memorandum) sent to them by the investment provider in order to make an informed decision before making an investment.

Self Certification Process

Most investment providers will require for an investor to the state the type of investor they are, sophisticated Investor, high net worth individual or restricted Investor.

Investments are only suitable for investors with sufficient capital or investment experience as most investments are classified as high risk.

Investment providers can only send out marketing material to potential investors when the self certification process in completed.

Self certification can be completed using City PR online declaration form processing. The declaration page will outline the three types as follows:



Investors will be required to select which type of investor they are and complete online form processing which will capture:

  • Investor type
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Digital e-signature

Form data submitted in sent to our secure email address using SSL encryption. City PR consultants will forward your self certification document to the relevant investment providers on your behalf. You only need to complete the self certification form once per year.

The online self certification process should take on longer than 5 minutes.

14 day cool down period

All investments introduced by City PR Ltd have a 14 day cool down period as required by distance selling regulations. This allows an investor to request back funds from a bond issuer or investment fund.

After the 14 day cool down period has elapsed, the bond issuer or investment fund provider will send you a welcome pack, IM (Information Memorandum), receipt for your total investment and a copy of the LP6 form. The LP6 form will show:

  • The administration of the partnership
  • Investment amount

The LP6 form is also filed and recorded at Companies House.

Investment returns are paid by the bond issuer or investment fund provider as outlined in the relevant IM (Information Memorandum).

Once all outstanding returns owed have been paid at the end of the investment term, your involvement in the investment or partnership will be dissolved.

Anti Money Laundering Requirements (AML)

For all investment transactions you will be required to provide two form of identification.

Photographic ID

You are required to provide either:





Proof of address






Note: The proof of address document must show a date within the past 3 months. The document only requires for you to show:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Date (within the past 3 months)

Note: Information such as account numbers, bank details, and payment amounts can be blanked out.

All investment providers will require AML documents to be provided as outlined above before an investment purchase can be completed. City PR will also keep a copy of your identification once you have confirmed you would like to proceed with a purchase. All information we hold on you is kept securely in line with Data Protection Legislation. City PR will never share your personal information with any third parties with your prior consent.

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